Value & Vision's people development

Themes and objectives/targets

(1) Development of global leaders (executives through the next generation)

We support the development of global leaders (executives through the next generation) with emphasis on the following two points.
  • Thinking and making decisions independently, getting the job done, and delivering tangible results
  • Performing on the global stage by collaborating with various stakeholders
Targets: Executives and middle managers / The next generation of global leaders (male and female)

(2) Promotion of Diversity & Inclusion/Development of female leaders

A corporate culture that accommodates and encourages diverse leadership styles is essential for developing female leaders. Value & Vision believes that "development of female leaders" and "promotion of Diversity & Inclusion" are inseparable and should be treated as a set of integral components. We connect these two components and address both female leaders (candidates) and managers simultaneously to change their mindsets and behavior.
Targets: Female managers (and candidates) and their bosses / Executives and middle managers / Other employees

Our clients

Manufacturing, trading, energy & utilities, telecommunications, IT, pharma, financial services, service, central government ministries and agencies, and universities
Number of clients
Over 40