The professional unit's distinctive expertise captures clients' needs
    from the perspectives of "business," "management," "people," and "the organization."
    "Seasoned management consultant with keen insight into the essentials of business and management"
    "HR/organization development specialist with keen insight into the realities of the workplace"
    Ryo Tokuda | President, Value & Vision LLC
    Ryo Tokuda
    Miki Kondo | Executive Officer, Value & Vision LLC
    Miki Kondo
    Executive Officer
    Ryo Tokuda
    • Established Value & Vision in 2006. Before establishing Value & Vision, Ryo was a Partner & Managing Director at The Boston Consulting Group and Assistant Manager at Kanematsu Corporation (a Japanese trading company)
    • Ryo's people development and management consulting experience covers a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, trading, energy & utilities, telecommunications, IT, pharma, financial services, and central government ministries and agencies
    • Experience in developing new business in both the United States and Japan
    Miki Kondo
    • Joined Value & Vision in 2010. Prior to joining Value & Vision, Miki was HR Manager at Nihon L'Oréal, HR Manager at The Boston Consulting Group, and she also worked in Corporate Planning at HASEKO Corporation
    • Miki's people development and management consulting experience cover a wide range of industries including manufacturing, telecommunications, IT, energy & utilities, financial services, pharma, universities, and professional firms
    Ryo Tokuda
    • MBA with Distinction from Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University, USA
    • BA in Economics from Yokohama National University, Japan
    Miki Kondo
    • MA with Merit in HRM & Coaching from The University of Sydney, Australia
    • BA in French Literature from Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan
    Ryo Tokuda
    • Certified Public Accountant (CPA), USA
    • College of Executive Coaching (attended)
    • TOEIC 990, Eiken Grade 1 (1-kyu)
    • MBTI ® Certified Practitioner
    Miki Kondo
    • Certificate in Strategies for Leadership from IMD (Business School), Switzerland
    • MBTI ® Certified Practitioner
    Ryo Tokuda
    • Conceptualization and logical thinking
    • Unique perspectives and creativity
    • Sense of humor
    Miki Kondo
    • Empathic understanding
    • Empowering and motivating people and teams
    • Sincerely caring about people
    Ryo Tokuda

    I played basketball in junior high. When I threw a pass, I didn't aim at the "current" position of my running teammate because, by so doing, my ball would have ended up going through behind the moving target. On the other hand, if the pass was too far ahead of him, he would not have been able to reach it in time. What's important in scoring points is to aim at somewhere in between, preferably at the point where my teammate could stretch forward just enough to reach my ball.

    Using this metaphor, in management consulting my running teammates are my clients. In people development they are participants and sponsors. Scoring means the growth of both corporate performance and of employee capabilities.

    The pass that encourages my clients to stretch as much as possible, in my world, is the value-added I am striving for. I will become a passer with a quicker and sharper hand as I continue to learn and progress with my clients day by day. And I will do my best to assist their "nice shots"!
    Miki Kondo

    When I was engaged in organizational and people development projects as an HR manager, I had difficulty finding an outside consultant to satisfy my team's needs.

    I wanted to work with a professional who, as a committed team member, had an in-depth understanding of our company's business and culture, and who, as an outside expert, was objective as well. It occurred to me that becoming such a professional would be my dream job.

    Now I am lucky enough to be able to pursue that line of work as an independent consultant and lecturer. Wearing my "consultant's hat," I can share a sense of accomplishment with my client's team when a project is successfully completed. Wearing my "lecturer's hat," I can witness the development and transformation of people right in front of me.

    I am determined to commit to clients with whom I share passions and aspirations. My mission, as I define it, is to support them as a trusted advisor to unlock the full potential latent in their organizations.


  • We will develop training programs tailored to your specific needs in managerial issues and people development
    Development of global leaders (executives through the next generation)
    Promotion of Diversity & Inclusion / Development of female leaders
  • A management consultant with over 20 years of first-hand experience of organizational change and strategy formulation supports clients in materializing their dreams and identifying and solving their managerial issues
    Vision development
    Business strategy formulation and new business development
    Corporate culture change and HRM reform
    Merger & Acquisition support

The promise behind our service

  • Like a rustic Japanese "ryokan" catering to just "three groups a day" by providing the best possible hospitality, we offer uncompromising service to a limited number of clients who share our spirit and enthusiasm...
    That is why we decided to establish a "professional unit" of specialists with a high level of expertise and mobility.
    We pursue "make it happen," we care about "value-added" and "speed," and we facilitate change and development with our clients as "trusted partners."

Our clients

  • Major global companies in a wide range of industries
    Manufacturing, trading, energy & utilities, telecommunications, IT, pharma, financial services, service
    Universities and government offices
    National and private universities, central government ministries and agencies, incorporated foundations



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