Management consulting

There are two angles to approaching managerial issues

Client-specific managerial issues can be approached from the following angles

  • Management consulting
  • Action learning
What is "action learning"?
Action learning is one method of people development. Participants, under the guidance of lecturers, work on their companies' managerial issues, as a group or individually, compile original recommendations, and make presentations to their bosses and other managers. The process usually takes several months.
The aim of this endeavor is for participants to acquire a manager's perspective and skills in logical thinking, decision making, and effective communication.
Action learning is usually treated as a menu item under people development. However, in view of its similarity to management consulting in terms of themes tackled and work processes, we explain action learning by contrasting the characteristics of action learning and management consulting.
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 Management consulting Action learning
Client-specific managerial issues
  • Vision development
  • Business strategy formulation and new business development
  • Corporate culture change and HRM reform
  • Mergers & Acquisition support
Main objectives
Managerial issue problem solving
People development(through the problem solving process)
Value & Vision's value-added
Effective and quick problem solving of managerial issues
Client support in people development
The client's role
  • Interviewees
  • Collection of internal documentation and making data readily available
  • Attendance at discussions and presentation sessions
  • Decision making
[Participant's role]
(Choices are available between group and individual work)
  • Work planning
  • Field work
  • Preparation of presentation material
  • Presentation
[Sponsor's role]
  • Attendance at presentation
Value & Vision's role
  • Work planning
  • Hypothesis development
  • Field work
  • Preparation of presentation material
  • Presentation and facilitation at discussions and presentation sessions
  • Execution and management of the change process
Support and advice on the client's roles